Microexpedition to KO09



K3 Transceiver Kit 2012
TS-850S & TR 144
Transverter TR 144

Construction from DB6NT-team.
Frequency conversion: 28/144 MHz
Broadband noise from LO: -156 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz
RX Gain: 25 dB
RX Noise Figure: 1.2 dB (Front stage 0.9 dB)
IP3: +40 dBm
IF Input power: 0.06-1, 1-50 mW
Output power: 25 Watts
Harmonics & Spurs: -60 dBc
Supply voltage: 12-14 V
Current (Tx): 6 A

Kenwood TS-850S

Amateur bands: 1.8 - 30 MHz.
General coverage receiver 100 kHz - 30 MHz.
Output power: 10-100 watts (AM max 40 watts)
IF Output: 0-10 dBm. Use Minimum power.
Built-in ATU: 20 - 150 Ohms
CW-filter & TCXO
Current consumption: 20A at 13.8 VDC

The Transverter Interface is based on a kit from
Down East Microwave, DEMI. With this interface you can easily switch from HF to VHF, safe and sound.


Transverter for 2.3 GHz

Sound clip from 2.3 GHz Beacon SK0UHH in Stockholm area. The frequency shift in the middle of the clip is that I come in contact with the VFO-knob. Sorry!

TRV-1296 Both transverters uses 144 MHz as intermediate frequency (IF) and max input power is 3 watts.
The T/R-switching is controlled by a sequencer that is trigged by closure to ground.
They are both design for 12 Volts DC.

Transverter for 1.3 GHz (the box with no Lid)


Equipment for 10 GHz (to the left).

Ø 60 cm parabolic dish. Gain 31-34 dB.
Linear dish feed for 10368 MHz.
40 cm Semi-Rigid. Loss approx 1 dB, contacts included
Coaxial Switch RLC SR-2, 70 dB isol. Max 0.2 dB loss.
Transverter MKU 10G2, NF 1.2 dB. Total NF 2 dB.
IF 144 MHz. Max 4 watts of input power.
Amplifier MKU PA 102XL, 10 watts out.
Sequencer trigged by closure to ground.
DC 12 Volts max 5.5 A.
Weight 5.2 kg, dish included.

Yagi antenna for 1296 MHz